The AVC Hand-off:

Auburn Virtual-On Crew was born around four years ago in the video games area of Green River Community College. Originally a ploy for free money from the college, "Auburn Virtual-On Club" slowly transitioned into Auburn Virtual-On Crew. Around the beginning of 2001, the Seattle side of AVC was born. Now, on September 13th of 2001, the "club" has made the unofficial transition from being based in Auburn to becoming a regional crew.

Within the following AIM log is probably the first of many movements to having a crew greater than each individual division. It is a conversation between Scott Robinson (H8acker) and David Wilson (Ehrdricht) involving the "hand-off" of the Auburn branch of AVC.

*** Log opened 09-13-2001 at 00:05.
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1000366643 H8acker Ehrdricht Hey, what's up?
1000366652 Ehrdricht H8acker Hey, how's it goin, man?
1000366704 Ehrdricht H8acker So what can I do for you on this fine, hectic night?
1000366727 H8acker Ehrdricht /me grins.
1000366732 H8acker Ehrdricht Give me the good word.
1000366739 H8acker Ehrdricht Did you have relatives?
1000366763 Ehrdricht H8acker No, noone I know of was there. You?
1000366774 H8acker Ehrdricht Cousin lives there, but was in Chicago.
1000366782 H8acker Ehrdricht A friend of mine from the UK, Ollie, lost two cousins.
1000366802 Ehrdricht H8acker That's too bad...
1000366824 H8acker Ehrdricht /me nods.
1000366882 Ehrdricht H8acker I hate to say it, but I knew something like this was going to happen sooner or later.
1000367214 Ehrdricht H8acker So, I've been training with Ben to try and acquire the necessary skills to take over your role (to the best of my ability, which wont be nearly as good as yours) as the top-ranking member of Green River's AVC branch.
1000369640 H8acker Ehrdricht Eh?
1000369665 Ehrdricht H8acker What?
1000369700 H8acker Ehrdricht hat was like a double flip comment.
1000369713 H8acker Ehrdricht What was going to happen sooner or later?
1000369732 Ehrdricht H8acker The WTC thing.
1000369740 H8acker Ehrdricht Ahh.
1000369752 H8acker Ehrdricht but the follow up was in relation to VO?
1000369760 Ehrdricht H8acker Yes.
1000369768 H8acker Ehrdricht I'm a bit confused how they relate.
1000369803 Ehrdricht H8acker They don't, I was using the second comment in a clever ruse to change subjects.
1000369816 H8acker Ehrdricht Ahh.
1000369819 H8acker Ehrdricht /me grins and laughs!
1000369827 Ehrdricht H8acker Yes.
1000369832 H8acker Ehrdricht I didn't notice the times between messages.
1000369835 H8acker Ehrdricht d'oh.
1000369844 Ehrdricht H8acker Indeed.
1000369846 H8acker Ehrdricht Yes, that is extremely well and good. Given I won't be at GRCC so much.
1000369862 H8acker Ehrdricht You are definately the most focused and best positioned.
1000369886 Ehrdricht H8acker Yeah. And I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. Why, just the other day I was asking Ben lewd questions about him and his girlfriend.
1000369903 Ehrdricht H8acker ;-)
1000369929 H8acker Ehrdricht /me laughs!
1000369932 H8acker Ehrdricht HAHAHA
1000369965 H8acker Ehrdricht It gets even more fun next quarter. You have to PR the area to the new people sitting around. Give them free games, throw matches and be nicer than you ever want to be.
1000369969 H8acker Ehrdricht All smiles for the first quarter.
1000369976 H8acker Ehrdricht Else a severe reduction in players. :-Q
1000369980 H8acker Ehrdricht AFter that you can be an asshole.
1000369987 Ehrdricht H8acker lol
1000370016 Ehrdricht H8acker Well, since they fixed up the back a little, the free games'll have to come out of pocket. Oh well. I have a job now.
1000370047 H8acker Ehrdricht /me winks.
1000370053 H8acker Ehrdricht How is that old machine doing?
1000370123 Ehrdricht H8acker Not bad, not bad. Not too much worse than it was before you left. The sticks still need fixed up, but that'll never happen, so... ::shrugs:: We've still got loyal players. Only problem right now really is that the volume on the left(?) side is almost nil.
1000370162 H8acker Ehrdricht eww.
1000370167 H8acker Ehrdricht Have you called BCA about that?
1000370173 H8acker Ehrdricht You need to bother BCA>
1000370177 H8acker Ehrdricht become friends with the repair man.
1000370189 H8acker Ehrdricht You'll eventually meet the main guy. he's their head tech.
1000370195 H8acker Ehrdricht Plays golf with Katie Johnson.
1000370200 Ehrdricht H8acker I haven't been up there for a while. I plan on it when I get back this quarter. But I don't know how to contact them yet anyway.
1000370229 H8acker Ehrdricht The phone number is on all the machines. A sticker in the attract posters.
1000370253 Ehrdricht H8acker Ah, yes, I remember now. Cool. As of the 25th, I'll get on it.
1000370321 Ehrdricht H8acker Oh, heh, interesting thing... Adam and I were in the sea-tac area the other day, and we went and visited the two voom machines in the area. Laserquest listed some of the top scores: SSR. Tilt listed most of the top scores: TOM. Need I say more?
1000370338 H8acker Ehrdricht /me grins.
1000370340 H8acker Ehrdricht We get around.
1000370347 H8acker Ehrdricht TOM rocks Tilt's ass.
1000370348 H8acker Ehrdricht UW too.
1000370365 Ehrdricht H8acker I've noticed. I'll have to try and fix some of those one of these days.
1000370373 Ehrdricht H8acker Yeah, I have to try UW.
1000370392 Ehrdricht H8acker Now that I have a car.
1000370402 H8acker Ehrdricht /me sticks out his tongue.
1000370406 Ehrdricht H8acker But gas prices are skyrocketing, so...
1000370409 Ehrdricht H8acker ::shrugs::
1000370429 H8acker Ehrdricht The main interesting thing is how we'll combine Seattle (I guess my territory now) and Auburn sides of AVC.
1000370436 H8acker Ehrdricht In reality, AVC is now two different personalities.
1000370436 Ehrdricht H8acker What is it in oklahoma right now? $5 per gallon?
1000370447 H8acker Ehrdricht BTW, are you subscribed to seattle-vo?
1000370450 Ehrdricht H8acker Something like that.
1000370450 Ehrdricht H8acker Yeah.
1000370463 Ehrdricht H8acker Stupid seattle. Took our best player. ;)
1000370466 H8acker Ehrdricht Hmm, I've heard about the gas prices - but I've also heard they're a rumour.
1000370476 Ehrdricht H8acker Yeah.
1000370477 H8acker Ehrdricht Sorry about that. It was more Green River kicked out the best player.
1000370507 Ehrdricht H8acker Well, they've been going up a bit around here, and I was pretty sure the oklahoma thing was on the news...
1000370522 H8acker Ehrdricht If you're going to take charge, we would need to coordinate the AVC.
1000370530 Ehrdricht H8acker Yeah, stupid Green River admin. That place should be run by it's rightful rulers! US!
1000370536 Ehrdricht H8acker Yeah, I know.
1000370541 H8acker Ehrdricht The entire time I've tried to keep the following ethos:
1000370591 H8acker Ehrdricht There is no leadership. There is no leader. Our membership is limited only to those who participate. Anyone may particpate. Thus, anyone can be a member. Join seattle-vo to meet everyone. Go to gatherings and/or green river and have fun.
1000370612 H8acker Ehrdricht I expect the coming year there will be members of AVC that I will never know.
1000370620 Ehrdricht H8acker Yeah. My problem is the gatherings.
1000370623 H8acker Ehrdricht Also, Nick in Oregon is starting an Oregon branch of the AVC.
1000370632 H8acker Ehrdricht Yeah, during the coming school year we'll be changing their day back to Saturday probably.
1000370636 Ehrdricht H8acker ::chuckles::
1000370639 H8acker Ehrdricht Thursday was just the Summer schedule.
1000370641 Ehrdricht H8acker We're becoming a cult hit.
1000370645 Ehrdricht H8acker Kew.
1000370658 H8acker Ehrdricht /me grins.
1000370663 Ehrdricht H8acker Cuz I gots to learn my l33t Kendo Skizillz.
1000370666 H8acker Ehrdricht /me nods!
1000370669 H8acker Ehrdricht Fuck up terrorists!
1000370678 Ehrdricht H8acker Damn straight!
1000370700 Ehrdricht H8acker If anyone's gonna terrorize my country, it'll damn well be me!
1000370710 Ehrdricht H8acker Nobody gets to beat up on my country but me, dammit!
1000370737 H8acker Ehrdricht /me laughs!
1000370754 Ehrdricht H8acker Trespassers will be executed with extreme prejudice."
1000370767 H8acker Ehrdricht Damn straight. We still have the death penalty.
1000370790 Ehrdricht H8acker So what have you been up to recently?
1000370796 Ehrdricht H8acker Yeah we do.
1000370796 H8acker Ehrdricht Coding netplay voot and working.
1000370805 Ehrdricht H8acker And we've got just the president to use it!
1000370813 Ehrdricht H8acker Fun fun. Where you workin' now?
1000370854 H8acker Ehrdricht Sears Warehouse in South Cetner.
1000370861 H8acker Ehrdricht s/Cetner/Center/
1000370889 Ehrdricht H8acker Ah, yes, the good old GR congregational workforce. ::grins::
1000370892 H8acker Ehrdricht /me grins.
1000370902 H8acker Ehrdricht It worked for getting me paid for next quarter.
1000370935 Ehrdricht H8acker Heheh, yeah.
1000370939 H8acker Ehrdricht Ok, I want to finish up the finalization of AVC layout.
1000370949 H8acker Ehrdricht God danm it, I hate this stupid away shit.
1000370965 Ehrdricht H8acker Yeah, me too.
1000370971 Ehrdricht H8acker What finalization?
1000370980 H8acker Ehrdricht How much longer will you be attending GRCC, minimum?
1000371009 Ehrdricht H8acker This next year. It's all covered by my grant.
1000371013 H8acker Ehrdricht Okie.
1000371041 H8acker Ehrdricht I want to get my say off, you can ignore me or no - but after that, Auburn branch is officially your baby.
1000371061 Ehrdricht H8acker Um, k.
1000371074 H8acker Ehrdricht Did you read my post on seattle-vo earlier today in response to Max Pham about Sakura Con?
1000371123 Ehrdricht H8acker I glanced through it. (I had about 20 e-mails) I haven't read it all the way through.
1000371133 H8acker Ehrdricht /me nods.
1000371146 H8acker Ehrdricht Ok, well (and I've already said this but I want to be really clear about this above anything)
1000371146 H8acker Ehrdricht :
1000371181 H8acker Ehrdricht As our title states, Auburn Virtual-On Crew is not a "club" - as such there is no official leadership or charter. Membership is attributed to those who participate or contribute. The "seattle-vo" mailing list is not an "official" AVC mailing list in so far as the majority of its recipients consider themselves AVC members. We also link to this list from the mainwebsite.
1000371208 H8acker Ehrdricht From that, I want to say something
1000371217 Ehrdricht H8acker Right.
1000371221 H8acker Ehrdricht I realize that most people there considered me the leader of AVC.
1000371224 Ehrdricht H8acker Ok.
1000371230 H8acker Ehrdricht and considered us a "club".
1000371239 H8acker Ehrdricht I was the the "best at VO there."
1000371242 Ehrdricht H8acker You'd be surprised, but continue.
1000371255 H8acker Ehrdricht /me shrugs.
1000371255 Ehrdricht H8acker Yes.
1000371260 H8acker Ehrdricht I heard it a bit.
1000371269 H8acker Ehrdricht I yelled at people who said that.
1000371285 H8acker Ehrdricht Seriously, if there is any power I have I want to stress this:
1000371318 H8acker Ehrdricht We should remain a crew. It is the only way we avoid politics. It is the only way there can be two sides of us - and unfortunately there are people in both Auburn and Seattle who consider themselves "AVC"
1000371346 Ehrdricht H8acker Right.
1000371348 H8acker Ehrdricht Anyone can be a member. Stress the website. Since you'll be taking over Auburn, you'll essentially have free access to the website.
1000371360 Ehrdricht H8acker Ok.
1000371368 H8acker Ehrdricht I'd mirrored on my local computer and fairly complex, but if you e-mail me I will make any modification you request.
1000371386 Ehrdricht H8acker Ok.
1000371387 H8acker Ehrdricht even if it says "AVC-Auburn is abolished. Suck my dick asswipes! Especially you, Scott!"
1000371403 Ehrdricht H8acker LOL
1000371416 H8acker Ehrdricht please try to push the website, mainly because it is the only central point of interest
1000371418 Ehrdricht H8acker I doubt I'll ever have to make that statement, but I'll keep it in mind.
1000371426 Ehrdricht H8acker Right.
1000371436 H8acker Ehrdricht Get pictures of people and forward them to me. If there are only pictures of seattle side, it isn't balanced.
1000371446 H8acker Ehrdricht Phong has a digital camera. Abuse Phong. ;-)
1000371496 H8acker Ehrdricht I don't want there to ever be a schism and I'm looking forward to running into some guy I've never ever met on a VO machine
1000371499 Ehrdricht H8acker I've got some taken of Adam and I, but he's lost them... ::coudirtybastardghs::
1000371501 H8acker Ehrdricht him tearing my asshole up
1000371512 H8acker Ehrdricht and then saying "you seem pretty new to this game. Have you ever heard of the AVC?"
1000371518 H8acker Ehrdricht I want someoen to say that too me.
1000371519 Ehrdricht H8acker I see.
1000371534 H8acker Ehrdricht You, literally, can be the focus of that.
1000371536 Ehrdricht H8acker lol
1000371559 H8acker Ehrdricht There is a lot of potential in the group. It's gotten pretty darn big, pretty darn fast.
1000371566 Ehrdricht H8acker I doubt anyone will ever be able to drive you into the ground that badly. Unless you stop playing for, like, a year.
1000371576 Ehrdricht H8acker Yes.
1000371581 H8acker Ehrdricht I'm half a year shy and I know how badly I play at VOOM.
1000371592 H8acker Ehrdricht I could feel it. It took me about 9 tries to be able to single-frame perfectly again.
1000371600 H8acker Ehrdricht ;-)
1000371624 Ehrdricht H8acker ::shrugs:: I'll see what I can do about accomidating that wish of yours, then.
1000371628 H8acker Ehrdricht Anyway, I hope I've been fairly clear. Push the website and the "seattle-vo" list. 99.9% of the people you mention it to won't subscribe.
1000371632 Ehrdricht H8acker ::chuckles:: You're just a bit out of practice.
1000371637 H8acker Ehrdricht But they are potentially the unifying factor.
1000371642 Ehrdricht H8acker Right.
1000371652 Ehrdricht H8acker I understand completely.
1000371660 H8acker Ehrdricht Most of all, if anything else, remember we're a crew. Bitch at those who want membership and exclusion.
1000371672 H8acker Ehrdricht Most specifically any comment like "should we let <x> be a member of AVC"
1000371686 H8acker Ehrdricht Even if everyone hates X's guts.
1000371695 H8acker Ehrdricht I don't think I have anything else to say
1000371713 H8acker Ehrdricht that's just the ethos I've tried to present
1000371714 Ehrdricht H8acker Indeed. As you may or may not remember, I've never tried to deny anyone access to being in the so-called "group." Even Otto. ::gags::
1000371731 H8acker Ehrdricht True that. ;-)
1000371748 H8acker Ehrdricht From this moment on, not that I control shit or want to, Auburn is all yours.
1000371762 Ehrdricht H8acker Right right. I'll try to do you proud.
1000371767 H8acker Ehrdricht I'll try to coordinate Seattle as best as I can.
1000371770 H8acker Ehrdricht "coordinate" hee hee.
1000371775 H8acker Ehrdricht I'm a "coordinator" hee hee.
1000371802 Ehrdricht H8acker Read: Supreme Dictator of All Things VO.
1000371806 Ehrdricht H8acker ::grins::
1000371809 H8acker Ehrdricht If you ever have any problems, annoyance, or just need to bitch about those mother fuckers in relation to AVC - I'm definately open ears.
1000371820 Ehrdricht H8acker ::proceeds to chuckle::
1000371825 H8acker Ehrdricht you can be certain I'll keep you up to date on seattle side events.
1000371826 Ehrdricht H8acker Alright.
1000371832 H8acker Ehrdricht and when I get the god damn day changed
1000371838 H8acker Ehrdricht You'll be the first to know.
1000371857 H8acker Ehrdricht So, anything you want to say to me? Also, what was that "you'd be suprised" comment from earlier in refernce to?
1000371859 Ehrdricht H8acker Heck, I'll even make the effort to learn everyone's names. ::grins:: It's good to be working with you again.
1000371887 H8acker Ehrdricht Heh, I never could keep Chris and James straight. I know now but my mouth just loves to get itself in trouble.
1000371961 H8acker Ehrdricht /me pokes Ehrdricht...
1000371998 Ehrdricht H8acker ::laughs:: Well, about the :you'd be surprised" thing. Though many people did view you as the unofficial leader of the group (mainly because of your experience), most of the newer attendees didn't view it as a club. That was mainly those of the older core, such as Joe and Sam. The newer ones wanted to get as many people as they could, no matter who they were, to play.
1000372013 Ehrdricht H8acker I'd actually had talks with them, like Ben, and James and Al.
1000372024 H8acker Ehrdricht /me nods.
1000372072 Ehrdricht H8acker More people than not acknowledged it as a group of people that were doing things together, just often taking the suggestions of one of the more experienced among us.
1000372076 H8acker Ehrdricht That difference probably sprung from the few attempts at getting a club constitution ratified.
1000372082 Ehrdricht H8acker Yeah.
1000372086 H8acker Ehrdricht /me nods.
1000372111 Ehrdricht H8acker I still think we should have gotten to be a club. We just wouldn't deny anyone membership.
1000372127 H8acker Ehrdricht I'm glad that the newer guys (now oldies) thought that. During the last year I was so far detached from everyone (old and new) that I hardly knew what everyone felt.
1000372149 Ehrdricht H8acker That's why it pays to have someone in the ranks. :)
1000372154 H8acker Ehrdricht /me grins.
1000372161 H8acker Ehrdricht If everyone works out straight, you'll be in that position.
1000372193 Ehrdricht H8acker Indeed. I'll be the one teaching the single-frames. ::grins::
1000372200 H8acker Ehrdricht /me nods.
1000372215 H8acker Ehrdricht If you ever feel yourself losing "coordinator-ship" though, don't sweat it.
1000372222 H8acker Ehrdricht Just whoop their ass in VO a few times.
1000372235 H8acker Ehrdricht either you keep it or you don't.
1000372236 Ehrdricht H8acker Heheh.
1000372242 Ehrdricht H8acker Yeah.
1000372252 H8acker Ehrdricht Hopefully you'll have let everyone know they're apart of something great than themselves
1000372268 Ehrdricht H8acker Yes.
1000372284 H8acker Ehrdricht I think that just about clears everything up.
1000372288 Ehrdricht H8acker And if someone seems to be more qualified to be a coordinator, I see no reason why they shouldn't be given the chance.
1000372295 H8acker Ehrdricht At least, from my side. ;-)
1000372297 Ehrdricht H8acker Well, unless there's anything else, I have to do alot tomorrow, so I should get some sleep.
1000372298 H8acker Ehrdricht Absolutely.
1000372300 Ehrdricht H8acker Heheh.
1000372301 H8acker Ehrdricht /me nods.
1000372306 H8acker Ehrdricht You have nothing?
1000372313 Ehrdricht H8acker Not as of right now.
1000372319 H8acker Ehrdricht BTW, is it cool if I post this conversation to the website?
1000372330 Ehrdricht H8acker My "branch" has no activity until the quarter starts. ;)
1000372332 Ehrdricht H8acker Go ahead.
1000372336 H8acker Ehrdricht /me nods.
1000372338 H8acker Ehrdricht "sect"
1000372339 H8acker Ehrdricht ;-)
1000372343 H8acker Ehrdricht of our "cult gatherings"
1000372352 Ehrdricht H8acker Yes, yes, right.
1000372356 H8acker Ehrdricht /me grins.
1000372371 H8acker Ehrdricht By the way I have something to pass to you:
1000372380 Ehrdricht H8acker What's that?
1000372391 H8acker Ehrdricht
1000372410 H8acker Ehrdricht Horrible, huh?
1000372413 Ehrdricht H8acker Heading there now.
1000372416 H8acker Ehrdricht Ok.
1000372418 H8acker Ehrdricht :-D
1000372442 Ehrdricht H8acker Hrm... Error 404's are terrible indeed...
1000372445 H8acker Ehrdricht Arg.
1000372446 H8acker Ehrdricht One sec.
1000372453 H8acker Ehrdricht /me thought he updated the site.
1000372480 H8acker Ehrdricht Ok, try again.
1000372481 Ehrdricht H8acker Things happen.
1000372482 Ehrdricht H8acker K.
1000372505 Ehrdricht H8acker I hate having a slow connection...
1000372517 Ehrdricht H8acker Nope, nothing.
1000372520 H8acker Ehrdricht ?!!
1000372538 H8acker Ehrdricht Are you absolutely certain?
1000372546 H8acker Ehrdricht
1000372548 H8acker Ehrdricht check there for the index
1000372556 Ehrdricht H8acker Going now.
1000372566 H8acker Ehrdricht God damn it, I need to pass on tasteless humour.
1000372572 Ehrdricht H8acker 404
1000372578 H8acker Ehrdricht FUCk
1000372579 H8acker Ehrdricht I'm stupid
1000372584 H8acker Ehrdricht
1000372586 H8acker Ehrdricht err
1000372596 H8acker Ehrdricht
1000372596 H8acker Ehrdricht grr.
1000372599 H8acker Ehrdricht /me is an idiot.
1000372621 Ehrdricht H8acker Well, I can't argue with that logic. :-D
1000372630 H8acker Ehrdricht /me laughs!
1000372638 Ehrdricht H8acker Ok, it's loading now.
1000372655 Ehrdricht H8acker LOL
1000372664 Ehrdricht H8acker That's horrible!
1000372668 H8acker Ehrdricht Isn't it?!
1000372669 H8acker Ehrdricht Here is another:
1000372676 H8acker Ehrdricht
1000372679 Ehrdricht H8acker Dear god, who did that?
1000372682 H8acker Ehrdricht This one is even better.
1000372762 Ehrdricht H8acker rotflmao!
1000372770 H8acker Ehrdricht /me laughs!
1000372775 H8acker Ehrdricht Good shit.
1000372776 H8acker Ehrdricht :-)
1000372786 Ehrdricht H8acker Who perpetrated this evil, evil deed? I want to congratulate them!
1000372793 H8acker Ehrdricht I got it from DJ in Seattle.
1000372800 H8acker Ehrdricht He said there was a whole thread of them.
1000372801 Ehrdricht H8acker ::laughs::
1000372803 H8acker Ehrdricht I have no clue where though.
1000372805 Ehrdricht H8acker God.
1000372824 Ehrdricht H8acker Well, if there's nothing else... ::continues to chuckle::
1000372826 H8acker Ehrdricht One sec, I"m asking him.
1000372834 Ehrdricht H8acker I am so passing this on to Adam.
1000372844 H8acker Ehrdricht yeah, if there isn't anything else I nede to go back to coding netplay voot.
1000372849 H8acker Ehrdricht One sec, I'll get the response from DJ.
1000372859 H8acker Ehrdricht
1000372862 H8acker Ehrdricht Have fun with it. ;-)
1000372876 Ehrdricht H8acker Aight. Go code and have fun.
1000372879 Ehrdricht H8acker Later, man.
1000372882 H8acker Ehrdricht You too. Talk to later.

Copyright © 2001, Scott Robinson and David Wilson.