Sakura Con: 2001

Saturday April 28th, 2001
The Sakura Con Tournament

... or " the royal rumble " tournament...

Sakura Con: 2001

Holiday Inn & Convention Center
(in Everett)
Organizer Contact Information:
101 128th Street SE
Everett, 98208
(425) 337-2900 or (800) 465-4329
Scott Robinson
(425) 432-3532 (home phone)

Currently DONE At: Sakura Con Console Gaming Area - Starting 11pm


Oh please, like I could list

Hardware List

I offloaded the hardware list to my notes file.

Welcome to the Sakura Con 2001: Tournament Report

I'm really happy about how the tournament came off. So happy and so busy, that it's now a week later and I'm writing up the tournament summary... at least, as much as I have in my head. With netplay VOOT coming along so well, expect this to be a bit fragmented.

So how did it work?

The tournament was setup in a two phase system. We did it this way so all the newbies would have an opportunity to get some quality gameplay in, while at the same time eliminating it all down to the best. I think it worked out pretty well.

Phase 1: The Cube

Originally I wanted it to be a team system, but Frank modified it into a segment round-robin cube. Four players in each cube played each other at least once. Depending on your gameplay, you were given a certain number of points:

Phase 2: Single Elimination

Quickly running out of time, what was originally going to be a double-elimination bracket turned into a single-elimination bracket between the top 8 ranked players from Phase 1.
Scott Margerum

Tom Music
Ben Wilhelm


Jason Chase

Scott Margerum
Kirk Kosinski
Tom Music

Kirk Kosinski

Matt Gehr
Kirk Kosinski

Matt Gehr
Michael van Itterbeek
Patrick McCoffery

Mark Gehr
Matt Gehr

Matt Gehr

Kirk Kosinski

Mark Harman
Kirk Kosinski

Evan Smith
Scott Robinson
Scott Robinson

Jeremy Riner

Scott Robinson

Evan Smith

Rod Datoc

Mark Gehr
Alan Graham

Mark Gehr
Rod Datoc

Nathan Strong

The Replays are here.
Kirk's Pics

The Morning After, kinda

It's actually the Monday after since both the Holiday Inn and the Motel 6 didn't want to give anyone Ethernet access. Of course, when we finally reconfigured my machine and spent about 6 hours obtaining equipment (read: 56k modem) for modem access, the Con Chair walked in and said "No." Thus: I'm writing my summary later. Right now, I have school. :-)

What can I expect once I you back from school, Scott?


I was at Sakura Con all damn last night (Thursday) taking care of "arrangements." (read: waiting our ass off with a bunch of unfriendly staffers) I just woke up late. The cell phone number is (206) 779-9184.

God damn it

Not enough cabling for complete display solutions. I'll need to bring, at least, one monitor. I'm going to stop out in Seattle and buy more cablings. Woo. Check out the hardware list for those of you sickos who want to know what all this entails.

Final Arrangements?

If there is anything you haven't taken care of with me or need me to get in contact with you about. This definately includes things that we "confirmed" but I haven't called and annoyed you about for at least a week. E-mail the proper people.

New Banner?

I get knocks about the website quality and lack of graphics. Now you can whine about there being too much. Sam contributed a new banner. I can't bring myself to remove the original. You decide.

Attendence Caps

Sakura Con has implemented attendence caps. I've begged and pleaded with the staff, but to no avail. Heh. In short, if you're coming for the tournament and can't wake up at 7am to get there by 8am (PLEASE DO THIS), send em off an e-mail. I'll see what I can do about purchasing tickets in the morning and then you paying me back.

He's a hard work'n man...

Everyone works much harder than me. I'm a person who delegates. See the lovely banner? There's more where that came from. Send off your thanks to Mark G..


In case you didn't notice, there is a warm-ups gathering in Seattle.

Time and Date Lockdown

By overwhelming majority: Saturday April 28th at 11pm until 2am is the tournament time. Late, yes, but you're coming early to watch stupid amounts of anime, right?
(I personally liked the Friday time.)

Publicity Blues

Anthony Chau, of IGN fame, has said he'll post our tournament information; however, we need to finalize the prize information. Bah.
Sakura Con is helping out, but if anyone has any hotter ideas? Send them to the list. MAGIC HAPPENS HERE, and then I post an official prize list.

Do your part: VOLUNTEER

If you're going to Sakura Con, please donate a few hours of your off-time and volunteer in the video games area. Contact Frank. :-)

You pick the time!

I hate picking times. It's always easier for me to offload it on someone else's (usually the hosts) shoulders. Obviously, I'm not a very good organizer. However, Frank has been immensely helpful allowed me to choose the time of the tournament. Oh joy.

Your Options: If you choose to accept them

Friday Saturday
7pm - 10pm 11am - 2pm
11pm - 2am (WON)

In the case of the Saturday, 11pm - 2am, if you don't have a three day pass, you must leave the con at the end of the tournament.


Mark is heading out either later tonight (Saturday) or tomorrow (Sunday) to create stickers we can put on our equipment. I'll post the image to be splatted on this page so we can all marvel out our coolness. ;-)
I have no clue why I posted this.

Equipment Issues, part 3 of a multi-part series

Mark G. spoke to Mark H.. Mark H. sent an e-mail to Scott R.. Scott R. is happy. Mark H. has offered his link cables, twin-sticks (broken, but I can fix), DC, and VGA Box. Don't mind I we do? ;-) Once I receive back a confirmation e-mail, I will be updating the hardware list.

Equipment Issues, part 2 of a multi-part series

Lordie God! Dave has agreed to let us use his DC in site two at Sakura Con. Now we just need to somehow handle the small issue of two more twin sticks. ;-)

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the main event!

I don't know why I've been on this whole boxing streak. Hopefully, it'll disppear from my vocal nuances when all of this is over. However, you're not here to read about me; you're here to read about the multi-state, multi-level tournament. Eh?

Equipment Issues, part 1 of a multi-part series

I've been building up as the years have stretched on; however, not even I can completely equip this tournament. Sakura Con has requested two complete Dreamcast 5.45 sites. We must supply. See the above for the current hardware filled out. If anyone can help out with items listed with "???"s, I would be very appreciate. I'm not above sexual offers. (please, don't beat me...) Expect me to be e-mailing around and hitting people up for items.

But what if my Twin Sticks get broken?

Sakura Con enters into a contract with us (me); while they have the equipment, it's their problem. However, if it doesn't come back in the shiny quality we gave it to them in, full reimbursement. Besides, I can repair twin sticks. Thus, you get your shiny new pair and a crappy reinforced repaired pair. How can you lose?

I'm sold. I'm coming. When should I buy tickets for?

Well, I'm buying tickets for the whole three day event. Damn, it just looks that smooth! However, if you're only coming for the VO, or if you're only coming for your favorite anime, you'll want to know exactly when the tournament is scheduled for.


Fine, fine. I'm sorry, but I can't give an exact time yet. When it's determined, it will be posted on the top of this page and on Sakura Con's page. Right now, Friday afternoon (7pm) and Saturday morning (10am) are the most probable times...


I know. I'm working on getting a better time! Maybe 3pm-6pm or 11pm-2am, Saturday? Look, we can't compete with Tekken Tag Tournament (7pm-10pm, Saturday), so let's see what we can arrange?


No matter when the actual tournament is, there will be open play the entire con. I'll be stopping in when Nadesico and Cowboy Bebop aren't playing, so you can expect some funk soul flavor at least from me.... let alone some percentage of the three thousand other attendees.

Sakura Con: 2001

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