Saturday December, 30th 2000
The "New Years" Gathering

... or " what happens if we do one in Seattle " gathering...

The following are the locations of note for the gatherings in general:

Mark's Mack Pad
(south of Gameworks)
Tom's Haus
(UW District)
1102 8th Ave
Apt #311
(It's in the lowell at the corner of 8th and spring downtown.)
He's right near Gameworks, though.
(206) 447-8631
4338 8th Ave NE
Apt #13
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 633-2637

Organizer Contact Information:
Scott Robinson
(206) 779-9184 (mobile phone) <-- I'll be carrying this Saturday!
(425) 432-3532 (home phone) - Mobile E-mail - Normal E-mail

Currently DONE At: Mark's Mack Pad - Starting 5pm


James H.

If we can rope them into it?

Adam (arrangements w/ Dave)
Dave ("things to do")
Nick ("grandmother in town")

Scott's Post-Gathering Thoughts:

It's all over but the after-glow. It's Sun Dec 31 03:46:12 PST 2000 now, and I'm updating. :-) We just got back from the Gathering, and now I'm abusing the DSL at my Grandmother's to download high-speed pr0n. It went well! Best of all, with all the mountains of VO related equipment and various breather games, I think everyone sorted out everything that belonged to them. I almost forgot the speakers' AC converter. I won't say everyone had fun, but everyone got to play VO and feel good. Nothing is 100% pleasure.

So what happened with Ian and Summer

We're walking back from the Gathering up the hill and the first thing Summer says, "He talked to me!" Funny stuff, huh? Strange though, the guy hardly plays VO for being so damn cool. Didn't get a single match in tonight! Sam noted earlier, "Ian will probably spend most of his time being hilarious." He was right.

Why I might not plan and arrange another Gathering

I'm not saying I won't attend them, but both times I've arranged these I've been yelled at. I've been verbally abused the entire night. This is a normal thing I put up with at school; however, I refuse to be the foundation of any event which exhibits this behavior. I doubt any AVC'ers will be reading this webpage POST gathering, but plan your own damn gathering in January. I stood there watching Mark receive (RIGHTFULLY!) thanks from every person there for hosting the gathering at his apartment. I got cursed at in trying to pack up and received thanks only from Mark. No Mark, thank you! I'll have the book back ASAP. I don't think planning this was a huge job, but if everyone else wants to do this, they're certainly well on their track.

Status of the Replays

Our replays were darn sporatic. I didn't even record most of them, but if you were to take them as gospel, you'd think I played most of the games. I didn't. I was to busy being sick. There are quite a few unmarked replays, for which I apologize. We lost track of most of the sheets of paper with the replay number information. Next time, I'll add the ability for the upload script to add descriptions as we proceed throughout the night.

My take on being overtwentyone

I'm not overtwentyone. Neither were a lot of the people there. I have no problem with dabbling in the pond of privileges overtwentyone year olds have, but I would have problem with illegal behavior being linked with AVC Gatherings. However, I would hope this would never become the norm for the following reasons: All of which put me in a position of being staunchly against us doing whatever happened tonight with any regularity.

... but did you have fun?!

Oh god yes. I love VO. I love the company. I love the competition. We'll do this again. I probably have more stuff to say, but that's all I can think of right now. Now, to go erase the bad VMU upload and head to sleep.

So I lied twice? I'm a big fat liar. LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR!
Mark's door code is 030, if you show late.

So, I lied? Check list finished except brushing teeth. (I burnt my mouth a couple days ago) Damn it. I have the cell and everything is packed away in the car. Let's go to Seattle! Mark is really jazzed about this whole thing and he's going all out for all of us. I didn't have time to find a Tangram logo and print it out, but we will have something cool on the door. ;-)
Who says Auburn VO isn't active?

I'm now heading out. Reach me on the cell phone. Last update until tomorrow. :-)

Ian is attending! Hmm, I wonder where Summer will be tonight?

Okay, I've written up a script so we can post our VMU files while we're at the gathering. Here. Be polite and don't upload your own VMS stuff while we are. I'll be keeping track, so it won't really hurt anything, except it'll be darn rude. I'll be wrapping the upload stuff into DCDL later so people can have their own contributed sections on VOA.

Prizes for best match of the Evening!

House Rules:

oh, and one more thing:


this has been a public service announcement from Scott Robinson, and your friends, at KGRG.

According to Mark, it's going to be packed. The plan is we all meet up at Gameworks at 3pm. Mark meets up with us at 3:45pm, and we (him and I) head over to his house to clean it up before-hand and grab the equipment from my Grandmother's. (if someone drives in, a car would be nice?) We then head back to Gameworks and everyone comes with us to go play the night away.

Scott's ToDo List:

"should i get beer?" That is the question...

We're going 'til whenever, baby! It's confirmed that 1-2 people can crash over there too, so I won't be using my crashing privledges to make way for someone who might need them.

Can't control our women. ;-) Apparently Ian made a big impression on the lady-folk of Gathering #1. My Sister has been spreading around rumours; our triplet of terror seem to want to "jump [Ian's] bones." Of course, the bad news of Ian not being able to go, our ladies don't seem to want to attend... or rather, will be showing up fashionably late. Jessica seems to want to flex her newly developed VO skillZ though.

I'm not providing food this time. I'm too poor from the last encounter. Ex: I'll see what I can swing, but don't expect 40 pizzas. ;-)

I'm getting into town early to take care of equipment and arrangements. If you want to contact me for information, use the cell phone number provided above. I might even be on AIM (H8acker) so you can message me there.

For all those driving into town, here's a bit o' information! First off, there is a damn damn damn cheap parking area less than a block from the Lowell. It's a little east (up hill) on the corner of 8th and Seneca. $4 for the day and $4 overnight; max of $8 if you come early for Gameworks time. As for crashing arrangements, Mark hasn't gotten back to me but I know I and my family will have emergency arrangements for ourselves at our nearby Grandmothers' apartment. In no way shape or form am I implying that anyone else can stay there. wink wink

Well, Mark hasn't confirmed a time. I just spent the night wandering around Seattle trying to the find the Lowell when suddenly I realized I attended a house-warming party there a few months ago! D'oh! Well, I know all about the place, and for those having problems (or just want to get a little quality cabinet gaming time in), I'm going to be at Gameworks at 3pm. You can meet up with me (and probably others) there.

Address is posted. You can figure it out. Hmm, I guess I'm going to have to arrange special transportation in. I need to bring two monitors. That's the way life goes!

We got a link cable and extra sticks thanks to James! It looks like we'll be over-hardwared again. This is something I'm not complaining about.

I was thinking, parking will definately be an interesting issue. When we had it in Maple Valley, it was easy because the house had lots of parking. However, Seattle is a different situation entirely. I'll probably either head in via bus or catch a ride with Sam and bury the vehicle in the secret free parking zone near International Station. For those who know Seattle, underneath the I-90 and I-5 interchange is free parking. You can walk towards Seattle and run right into the International District Station and take a bus to Westlake. From there, Gameworks is close and Mark's is too. Maybe I'll post up better directions or more parking opportunities later?

Mark (not the one who works at Gameworks) has opened up his apartment as a location for our Gathering. It seems things are starting to fall together. Now, we need to get Ian's link cable. ;-)

It's Gathering #2 for the break, and probably the last one if it comes off. Location arrangement doesn't seem to want to come together. Tom is offering his as an emergency backup. We need to find someplace in Seattle. This shall be fun. I wonder if Mark at Gameworks hates me...

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