Saturday January 13th, 2001
The "Encore" Gathering

... or " it's the new new millenium " gathering...

The following are the locations of note for the gatherings in general:

Mark's Mack Pad
(south of Gameworks)
Matt's Gaping Expanse
(in Seattle)
Tom's Haus
(UW District)
1102 8th Ave
Apt #311
(It's in the Lowell at the corner of 8th and Spring downtown.)
(Door Code #030)
(206) 447-8631
418 E. Loretta Pl
Apt #416
(Door Code #081)
(206) 720-1521
4338 8th Ave NE
Apt #13
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 633-2637

Organizer Contact Information:
Scott Robinson
(206) 779-9184 (mobile phone)
(425) 432-3532 (home phone) - Mobile E-mail - Normal E-mail

Currently DONE At: Matt's Gaping Expanse - Starting 4:30pm


Adam (SICK)
Dave (depends on family arrangement)
Matt (host)
Sam (later at night)

Hardware List:

Dreamcasts - 2 (Mark, James)
DC Twin-sticks - 1 (James)
Saturn Twin-sticks - 1 (Mark)
Link Cable - 1 (James)
US VOOT - 2 (I'm burning them right now)
JP VOOT - 2 (James?)

If we can rope them into it?

Matt (from Tacoma!)

Well, I just slept in most of the day, but I'm awake now. The ringing in my ears is gone, but I broke James' sticks so I'm repairing them this week. While on the subject of sticks, Saturn ones are evil. They require two people to put back together. Ick.

The Gathering was small this time, but was darn fun. It took us until 8pm to finally get it going officially, mainly because there was much stick repair for me to do. Lithium Grease is God. Sam never showed up, with or without equipment. Didn't really talk much about it on the phone this morning. We also recorded only two replays. Too busy having fun!

I think it's safe to say out skill levels are definately increasing... and quickly too. Mark, James, and I have taken to picking "Random" as our favorite VR. It gives us almost-equal opportunity to expand our skills. Mark is still learning about the whole game engine, but what he does know he has locked in. James and I are still going back and forth. Tom is getting scary in VOOT with VOOM laser prediction abilities. Matt's Apharmd B is quite deadly, so you can't let your guard down. Summer is working on her Angelan.

I had fun, and once off I didn't get bitched at once, so that didn't suck. Maybe I will plan another?

Dave's with his family. I'm leaving. Bye.

Half the equipment is locked up at Sam's house. James has come through with backup equipment. Be sure to give him thanks en mass when you get to the gathering. I'll be bringing in a monitor because we only have one.

If you can't find your way there, meet at Gameworks at 4pm. Tada!


Matt (host)
Matt (Tacoma)

I love how shit doesn't come together. Gathering #3 and people want to be bitchy about it. Read my last post about how I feel about people being bitchy. It's confirmed, I do not want to plan one of these again. Do it your damn self, guys... oh, and get your own damn phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Grr. Matt, Mark, and I are busting our asses off getting this together, and all I get is shit. In happier news, I'm an hour behind schedule and still screwed up from the concert last night. Ever read a war book and how the soliders' ears are "ringing" after a bomb blast? Well, ACS combined with a hot underage chick did that to me last night. Anyway, I have to call everyone and make sure what's-what-is-what's-what. As I understand it, unconfirmed, Eiji is mass pissed off at us? (Mark) Fun stuff, huh?

Matt from Tacoma must come. Bitch.

Sam and I are having arrangement problems. We'll see how this affects our supply of DCs and of twin sticks. Hmm.

Tom: i'm a very high probability participant.  not for sure. but high probability.  and if i do come, i can bring a pizza or two
Scott: So high enough probably to have confirmed? Confirming, of course, doesn't imply you'll attend, but just you believe you will attend.
Scott: Imply belief of the status dubbed 'intendment.' ;-)
Tom: confirm me, baby.
... and so it came to pass.

I might be going to the Alien Crime Syndicate/Superdeluxe concert (only $8) on Friday. If I do, this will definately make the Saturday plans... interesting... Wish me luck?

I just realized something. Virtual-On players are as lazy as me. :-) We all talk about how it would be so much easier if I plan these things *way* in advance. This gathering, I lay everything down a good week before hand and everyone still confirms at the last minute? Of course, it would probably go better if I didn't update this page at the last minute all the time. On a side note, Summer is coming. She's even playing!

I just spoke to James. He's definately coming, but while we were talking I pulled up a map and located Matt's Gaping Expanse. It's looks a bit out of the way? I'll be heading into Seattle tomorrow afternoon/evening checking everything out. I hope it isn't as weirdly located as it appears. Of course, worse comes to worse we can always do it again at Mark's Mack Pad... of course, I'll bring a table and a beanbag this time around. ;-)

Got a call from Matt this morning. Matt's Gaping Expanse is confirmed as our location. Now for people. ;-)

Well, I got a call from Mark yesterday and Sam poked me this morning. I've been asked to get together another Gathering. Mark is offering up his place but Sam mentioned that Matt mentioned that ... ;-) ... Matt might volunteer his place? It's reportedly much larger and would be easier to have a full gathering at. There have been numerous complaints about leg problems from Mark's. ;-) A pair of chairs and a Costco table are definately nessicary for the next Gathering. I can supply the table. :-) Anyway, let's see what I can't rustle up.

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