Sunday March 4th, 2001
The "Love" Gathering

... or " where the hell were the last few " gathering...

The following are the locations of note for the gatherings in general:

Mark's Barking Bivouac
(in Seattle)
Matt's Gaping Expanse
(in Seattle)
New Address To Be Announced!
It's right next to Matt's though...
(Door Code #408)
(206) 323-5320
418 E. Loretta Pl
Apt #416
(Door Code #081)
(206) 720-1521

Organizer Contact Information:

Scott Robinson
(206) 224-2426 (new mobile phone)
(425) 432-3532 (home phone)

Currently DONE At: Matt's Gaping Expanse - Starting 5:00pm


Mark G.
Mark H.

Hardware List:

Dreamcasts - 3 (James, Mark, Scott)
DC Twin-sticks - 2 (James, Scott)
Link Cable - 2 (James, Scott)
We have too many copies of VOOT.

If we can rope them into it? (extra special people)

Adam (I still like
JOE JOE JOE (maybe after the play?)
Matt (from Tacoma)
Mike (James' friend)
Sam (maybe after the play?)

I'll remember this in the future. 20 confirms, 20 drops. Screw setting up gatherings. I'll post locations and I'll post announcements to seattle-vo, but I'm not working on them anymore. They will never be on Sunday again, too.

Dropping like flies. From now on, no more Sunday gatherings. The people who this was specially setup for even dropped. Bah.

Mark H. dropped. School issues are always more important than VO. Good luck!

I sent off an e-mail since this stupid page doesn't want to update. Woo. At least it's still available on the internal server at RobHOME.

Due to certain problems at Mark's house, Saturday night, we're moving to Matt's. We're okay until midnight! (though, I'm sure some of us have school.) Tom is confirmed for a bit after 5pm.

Okay, a few more confirmations off. People keep bitching about a lack of address. It's on Bellevue and Olive. ;-) Damn it Mark, e-mail me with final information. This one looks like it will be pretty small; but c'est la vie.

Okay, I filled in the "if we can rope them into it" with all the special people who haven't attended a VO gathering lately... official or unofficial. Not to sound pushy, but we'll find a way.

Gasp! The beloved VOOTer and SydVOC poster, Mr. Thomas Delany Music, will be celebrating his birthday on the same date of this particular gathering. If he shows (keep in mind, he's turning 21), we'll figure out something special to do for him. And by "we" I mean "me." You'll just be included. ;-)

In reality, this is a straight rename from the Feburary Sunday gathering which wasn't very advertised because.. well.. I'm lazy. This one is on a Sunday because it's convenient for people and we want to see how well they come off. I promise to really spam everyone this time.

Hmm, don't think this is going to come off. No one feels like confirming.

Okay, here is the honest truth. There were supposed to be, at least, two updates to this page during the little break. What happened? Phantasy Star Online. Damn you Sega! I wanted to pass this quarter! DAMN YOU, YOU! Okay, I promise, even though this is coming a bit late, there will be a gathering this Sunday. What will happen and who will come? We'll see...

Official update. I'm going to spam out the information. Love it?

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