Sunday March 10th, 2001
The "Shazam" Gathering

... or " come if you want " gathering...

The following are the locations of note for the gatherings in general:

Mark's Barking Bivouac
(in Seattle)
Matt's Gaping Expanse
(in Seattle)
New Address To Be Announced!
It's right next to Matt's though...
(Door Code #408)
(206) 323-5320
418 E. Loretta Pl
Apt #416
(Door Code #081)
(206) 720-1521

Organizer Contact Information:

Scott Robinson
(206) 224-2426 (new mobile phone)
(425) 432-3532 (home phone)

Currently DONE At: Mark's Barking Bivouac & Matt's Gaping Expanse - Starting 7:30pm


Dave (maybe>
Mark G.

Hardware List:

Dreamcasts - 3 (James, Mark, Scott)
DC Twin-sticks - 2 (James, Scott)
Link Cable - 2 (James, Scott)
We have too many copies of VOOT.

Yay, that was much more fun that last week. Less stress. There were a few comments of me being apathetic, but I don't care.

We had some sweet 5.2 action down at GW for a few hours before heading up the the apartments. I spoke to Mark and we might set something big during Spring Break. I know Chanchai and crew are coming up on a weekend during a break, so it should be interesting. Maybe a(nother) Gameworks-con? ;-)

We're all a bit out of practice, but the next few weeks should remedy this. I've found myself stubbing the dash triggers lately. I'm too fast again and need to retune my reflexs. I think Mark got a few replays and and we'll see if he doesn't upload them to Virtual-On Archive. Gosh, I really hope he doesn't upload my crappy Dordray play. :shiver:

James might be moving in with Matt next quarter, and that'll be cool. I swear, Summer attends to many of these no to just admit to liking Virtual-On. I need to buy a second pair of sticks (right after getting rid of my $100 "debt" to the bank.) and get some hot deathmatch action going on here at the hizouse.

On a side note, doesn't everything sound cooler when you add nonsensical syllables to it? "Hizouse, snip-snap-diddly-do-dap, boom-badda-bambam, and Temjin-a-roni." Yeeeeah.... that's all I can think of right now. I'm going to go back to obsessing about Nadesico. GUKIGUNDAR FIST!

No address provided as yet. Just call me on the cell if you need directions.

We'll be meeting at Gameworks at 7:30pm around the VOOT machine. I hope to dig up Mark's address though, later tonight.

Well, that wasn't nice. I'm throughly liquored up on Sprite now, so I'm much happier. Finished my Psych test too! It's the section I hate, bio-physiology. I think I might have even passed this one with a B. The rest are As, so I'm happy. 3.0 this quarter, mmm hmm.

Welcome to the day of the Gathering, and the posting. Attend if you want. I'm a bit pissed from the last "event."

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