Wednesday May 9th, 2001
The "Feeling the Burn" Gathering

... or " Sakura Con was two weeks ago, do we still have the mad skillz? " gathering...

The following are the locations of note for the gatherings in general:

Mark's Barking Bivouac
(in Seattle)
Matt's Gaping Expanse
(in Seattle)
1707 Bellevue Ave
Apt D
Seattle, 98122
(Door Code: 408)
(206) 323-5320
418 E. Loretta Pl
Apt #416
Seattle, 98122
(Door Code: #081)
(206) 720-1521

Organizer Contact Information:

Scott Robinson
(425) 432-3532 (home phone)

Currently DONE At: Matt's Gaping Expanse - Starting 7:30pm


Mark G.
Mark H.
(some guys whose name I forgot)

Hardware List:

Dreamcasts - 2 (Mark, Scott)
DC Twin-Sticks - 2 (Mark, Scott)
Link Cable - 1 (Scott)
We have too many copies of VOOT.

How are we doing post-tournament

I think my gameplay was much better at the tournament than tonight. I think my style may have been affected by all the recent stressors school has decided to put on to me. Oh well.
I swear though, I watch everyone else play and I wonder how I ever get a win in. Why does everyone look so much more polished and refined than me?

The Pat Question?

Brent showed us a replay with Pat and himself, which got us to talking about her and the possibility of Pat coming to one of our Wednesday gatherings. Of course, the trick comes in with the fact that Pat and I do not always get along the best. (she hates me) I, for one, hope she decides to at least make one appearance. Pat holds the distinction of having facilitated/created/encouraged/etc many-many people, worldwide, VO-infected lifestyles. We'll see what happens.

New Time!

Normally we all meet up at Gameworks around 7:30pm and get the whole shabam started at 8pm. However, Matt has a new job which requires him to wake up at 6am the following morning. We can't be causing disasters as we do now. Next week, look forward to the newly revised time of meeting around 5:30pm and actually started at 6pm. Of course, if you can't make it at the begining, it does not exclude you from coming late. :-)


We actually recorded some (a on the net) replays tonight. Of course, no one is ever satisfied with their performance in them. (someone must always be the loser) Check them out here. If you have a few other replays recorded that night, feel free to pass them along to me.

You want your stuff back?

I would suggest coming to this gathering. It'll be much easier. You also get high quality VOOT action. What could be better?

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