Thursday May 31st, 2001
The "bye bye Sum-Sum" Gathering

... or " so now how am I going to get a ride for the next month? " gathering...

The following for the gathering in general:

Matt's Gaping Expanse
(in Seattle)
Organizer Contact Information
418 E. Loretta Pl
Apt #416
Seattle, 98122
(Door Code: #081)
(206) 720-1521
Scott Robinson
(425) 432-3532 (home phone)

Currently DONE At: Matt's Gaping Expanse - Starting 6:00pm


Mark G.

Hardware List:

Dreamcasts - 2 (Mark, Scott)
DC Twin-Sticks - 2 (Mark, Scott)
Link Cable - 1 (Scott)
We have too many copies of VOOT.

Summer is on a plane to Arizona

So she out of gatherings for the next month.

Crazy Taxi 2

Could this compete with VOOT as my favorite game ever? Not a chance. However, I've almost completed the Crazy Pyramid. Hee hee. I'm on S-S right now.

We implemented rensyo-hosei

Or, as Mark says, "The Virtuafighter Rule." In short, you pickup five wins, you're off the system. Time to let someone else grab a winning streak.

Tournament Next Time!

Mark is setting up a tournament for the next gathering. I guess it'll be a tournament report. Cool, huh?

I'm going to cry...

The realization just set in. I'll never see the Auburn VOOM machine again. I loved that machine. I earned 115 straight wins on that machine. I practiced basic electronics on that machine. I discovered, learned, practiced, formed a scene, and spent four happy years playing VO on that machine. :sniff: I'm going to miss it all. However, it was going to happen someday - I always dreaded this day.
Oh yeah, and I'll miss everyone there too. You're all credited in my VOOT Faq. ;-)
In short, I'll probably sniffle once or twice at the next gathering. No eulogies.

Big Gathering?

If everything comes though it sounds like more than a few (HA HA!) will be showing up to this week's gathering. Cool, ne?

I'm stupid. You're stupid. We're all with stupid.

Sheesh. No one notices the Thursday of this gathering is not June 1st, as was previously advertised; rather, May 31st! Dates, links, and other related material have been updated appropriately.

3 shiki

I expect we'll be seeing quite a bit of this come the next gathering. I wonder how we'll cope with it. Kirk in Cali doesn't like it much, and I think their scene is still better than us. Hopefully, we'll find a counter.

So... my life just went through a major change

I just was politely asked to leave my school. I am now on non-academic disciplinary suspension. Apparently, I said I would "bring a gun to school and go Columbine." I'm so glad someone told me what I said. It's being appealed, of course, but we'll see what happens. It's not like our country has a very good culture about this.

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