Thursday June 21st, 2001
The "feng shui" Gathering

... or " Good, evil: I'm the guy with the gun " gathering...

The following for the gathering in general:

Matt's Gaping Expanse
(in Seattle)
Organizer Contact Information
418 E. Loretta Pl
Apt #416
Seattle, 98122
(Door Code: #081)
(206) 720-1521
Scott Robinson
(425) 432-3532 (home phone)

Currently DONE At: Matt's Gaping Expanse - Starting 6:00pm


Mark G.
Mark H.
Mike (Nut-Nut)

Hardware List:

Dreamcasts - 2 (Mark, Scott)
DC Twin-Sticks - 2 (Mark, Scott)
Link Cable - 1 (Scott)
We have too many copies of VOOT.

So Nick didn't make it.

How often do you travel from Portland to Seattle to play a video game, though? He definately has enthusiasm; I expect he'll attend soon. :-)


Ha ha. Not funny. Yeah, I fell asleep at the gathering - you can imagine how much that decreased my VO play time. Matt's apartment is turning into an extension of my GRCC habits. VO -> Sleep -> VO.

Milk Crates!

We obtained milk crates, so now no bitching (myself included) about the stick playing surface.

A Mark Harman!

The definition of pulling a Mark Harman might change to rock'n at blocking! We shall see...

Replays, yo

The man is keeping Matt's phone line down, so the replays will be uploaded when the problems are resolved. Stupid Mexican international phone rates.
That rhymed. Cool.

Nick, our Oregon war correspondent...

Nick will be attending the next gathering! Looks like stick time quotas are in effect. :-)

... let's be honest

We end up playing some other game for the first thirty minutes of allocated VO time. You can show up at the apartment at 7pm and not miss a thing. ;-)


Everyone needs to think positive thoughts for Tom. Fight the power and attend the next gathering!

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