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Wednesday August 1st, 2001
The "Torn" Gathering

...or the " how to play VO like a pro while influencing others " gathering...


Mark G.
Mark H's roommate
Mark H.
Matt G.
Scott F.
Tom M.

Summary: Thu Aug 2 09:13:52 GMT 2001
Well it's that time again! It's time for the AVC gathering report. This is Mark "APX" G. reporting for Scott R. who was out with a broken tongfer. Ouch!

So how did it go? Well, Ray and I showed up around 5:15. Mark H. was already setting up. Walking in I saw two folding tables (the ideal twin stick surface) and two monitors ready to go. Mark H. showed us his custom VR's and messages for 5.66. They were totally cool. One of his quick messages even says "Seattle VO" in japanese!

And so it begins... four and a half hours of all out metal to metal cyber fury!

I think being in a place like Gameworks inspires people to play better. Everyone was so ON! The entire crew was playing one notch up from the norm. This gathering definitely served it's purpose. Mark H. was really put through his paces. Whether he won or lost it was always close.

Matches stayed hot all the way through. Tom M.'s raiden was on fire! Tom dominated most of his matches with dead accurate lasers and defensive playing style. DJ and his fei yen took more than a few rounds. And with Matt and I playing mostly Apharmd B, double lock on was always active ;)

Pat dropped in to say goodbye to Mark H. and take orders for the West Coast Cybertroopers shirts. Which I must say are looking great. Major props go out to Pat for the awesome design! She also managed to get in a few rounds before leaving. Let's just say I have a new found respect for Fei's heart beam.

And of course tonight's breather game came in the form of Guilty Gear X. A fine game in itself. If you like fighting games you owe it to yourself to check it out.

DJ, who is also our resident photographer took pictures. They should be up soon.

All in all this was one of the most enjoyable gatherings yet! Newbies were schooled, tensions were eased, CC was intense, and Mark H. is ready for japan. We ate, drank, partied, and played our hearts out.

Have fun in Japan Mark. Good luck!

Headline: Thu Aug 2 02:40:51 PDT 2001
Since I wasn't able to make it back in time, I've passed off the responsibility of the summary to Mark G!

Live vicariously!

Headline: Wed Aug 1 01:52:22 PDT 2001
Remember who said they would never go back to WSU again because the place sucks ass? Yeah, me. I lied. For punishment I'm now stuck out here because of a broken car situation. 5 hours from anything - I hope everyone out there takes care of everything. I've done what I can.

Headline: Sat Jul 21 02:45:12 PDT 2001
This is a Gameworks gathering. Eat, drink, and Have Fun!

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