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Thursday August 23rd, 2001
The "Shirts" Gathering

...or the " we're not the West Coast Cyber Troopers,
but we play them on TV " gathering...


Mark G.
Scott F.
Scott R.
Tom M.

Summary: Fri Aug 24 12:58:42 PDT 2001
And thus, Frank and Scott walked out the door - never to be seen from for a semester.

Despites worries to the contrary, the Gathering was top-notch fun. It took quite a bit of time for it to enter its swing, but who cares.

A second set of link cables is really necessary. We drop enough cash heading to the gathering every week - this is getting quite silly. As much as I love VO; sometimes, I just don't feel like coming in on Thursdays. Suprised? However, since I am holder of the only pair of link cables, (which I don't even want used, because they're my programming hardware) the gatherings have turned into a responsibility for me.
I hate responsibility.

Dear Lord! I'm sure some have been wondering how long I can keep this "Puzzle Fighter" thing under wraps. Oy, indeed! The crews' interests in games are definately telling - Puzzle Fighter, Bomberman, and Bust a Bobble 1-amillion. VO too, of course.
You decide.

Shirt order and money are all off, with a few key exceptions. If you missed out but want in, click on that "Forum" link to the right. It'll connect you to our operators - just ask about the shirts and someone will clue you in the right direction.
Don't e-mail me. I'm sick of being e-mailed about stuff I don't control - which is just about everything.

I didn't have time to produce a Netplay VOOT simulation disc. I don't feel to bad about it because I'm definately on track for my deadline. However, I best bust my booty next week because a new embedded systems project is coming up for me - one I get paid for doing. Netplay VOOT just can't compete with that. Payment is the best form of saying "thank you."
Instead, I brought over a Gameshark with activation codes for debugging, champion style gameplay and a few other additions. Much to my disappointment, no one figured out what those extra additions were. Well, Mark G. now believes I'm a guy who drives himself with no sleep for no real reason - and that I'm "one lazy motherfucker."
It's a good thing I do this for myself and he's not my employer, huh?

Someone else needs to be doing the gathering summaries because I've turned into a rant machine. Children who have grown with Internet access seem almost Japanese in their need for self-expression. With nigh infite data space, though, why not?
The trick is saying something someone cares about. I don't think I am, and thus I should abdicate.

Headline: Tue Aug 21 09:36:37 PDT 2001
The shirts are coming. Bear witness to the onslaught.

This will also be the last gathering for quite a few of our regulars. Show 'em some love, baby!

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