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Sunday October 21st, 2001
The "IZ Inaugural" Gathering

...or the " time to break in a new machine " gathering...


Mark G. (+ cousin)
Scott R.
Yuki (+ friend)

Summary: Fri Oct 26 10:31:28 PDT 2001
Since my past rants have been so unpopular, I'll be taking back up the practice and "discussing" the gathering in this summary.

IllusionZ sucks. I'm not the only one who thinks so. If you're going to purchase a several thousand dollar machine, spent hours repairing to accept credits, why stop at the making the sticks work part?!
In reality, though, I can't blame the management. On Tuesday of last week, I had the pleasure of watching the lead tech work on the machine. He was an amiable and hard-working guy who truly wanted to get the job done. His job, in this case, was fixing the disaster area that VOOT had become under the incompetant hands of the previous tech... eventually the machine was repaired.
On Thursday, we had the distinct displeasure of meeting said bumbling tech. Unfortunately, "bumbling" is probably not the word I'm searching for; rather, "apathetic" seems much more apt. Making his lack of interest quite clear, Mr. Tech decided against spending five minutes with a can of lithium grease and instead alienated a group of customers willing to spend money.
At least at Gameworks, they make efforts - no matter how irregularly. If IllusionZ doesn't feel like upkeeping their machine, I won't feel like giving them the cash to justify it.

Headline: Wed Oct 24 23:52:46 PDT 2001
This is our first gathering at IllusionZ. It has been recommended we wear our shirts to represent. Shit, I'll even wear one.
So you need to know what bus to take to IllusionZ? Click here my friend be enlightened.

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